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released January 27, 2017

Recorded by Burns Biermayr
Mixed & Mastered by Norbert Leitner
Artwork by Missfelidae Illustration



all rights reserved


Upon Thy Waves OÖ, Austria

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Track Name: How The West Was Lost
hear me say
what a great fucking time to be alive
when liberty is cutting like a knife
we’re hell-bent on analyzing
what lies beyond our comprehension
we try to see the sun with our eyes shut
yet time is not a game to play
couldn’t cheat it anyway

tired, bent and grey, we divide our day
keeping track of what could or should have been
rushing through life like an arrow on the fly
with eyes on a target that doesn’t cross our path

is it not a sign of great poverty when all we want is more
it shows us all the things we lack
wherever we go we try to bring back to life
what we destroyed on our own path

tired, bent down, so grey
let’s not try to spread the disease

so brothers of the isles, mark my words
when the white man arrives, you better lock your doors
you’ll find your demise at the hands of the conquerors
from the land of no remorse

what a time to be alive
Track Name: Persona
put on your mask
join the masquerade, a bright parade
come taste the tale, pick another name
you can be who you wanna be
'cause at night we’re all the same
in the lying game

unite the vow and the lie
cross my heart and hope to die
the vow and the lie
a promise to unify

a character born, a new persona unveiled
the truth will die and the lie will prevail

with our hearts in disguise
you can look in our eyes all you want
you will never find sincerity
with our hearts in disguise
it’s just a matter of time
'till you break and submit to the masquerade

put on your mask, be my guest at a new day
Track Name: Misdirection
I let you go
you’ll be where you belong
this place I lead you to will be your last
welcome to the garden of stone

I used to go along this empty road
I was trying to get you out of my head
I used to think my mind got overflown
my conscience screamed but I didn’t want to listen

I saw your face, I heard your voice every day
still I couldn’t figure out what you were saying
it took me years to understand that I
didn’t feel, didn’t show, didn’t have to let you go

don’t feel, don’t show, nowhere to go
inside my shell I paved my road to hell

I saw your face, I heard your voice, still I pursued
after all this time of misdirection

now I start to know
my conscience screamed but I didn’t let go
don’t feel, don’t show
my conscience screamed but I didn’t let go of myself
Track Name: Last Call
here we go

embrace the abundance, a feast on our future
with blatant hubris and a dark sense of humor
the straw that broke the camel’s back
now all that’s left are human wrecks
so stop casting your fishing rods into our wishing wells

just because our future doesn’t wear a price tag
doesn’t mean it’s without value
don’t you think we went a bit overboard here
all reason crashed and burned
this time you put us into the dumpster
thrown away like trash, but don’t lose ground
after all it’s called trash can, not trash cannot

last call, seize control of this ship
it’s about time that we weigh anchor
time to weigh the odds
last call, bring the shepherd to his knees
it’s about time to leave the herd behind
time to rectify

last call, last call
last call for orders, shut this party down
last call, last call
last call for orders, hit the goddamn road

you spared us the moral ambiguity
the ethical dimensions as clear as night and day
you won’t derail this train of thought
we finally escaped this drain of thought
so stop casting your fishing rods into our wishing wells

time to rectify
time to rectify, shut this party down

we found ourselves on a sinking boat
that no one can leave
we found ourselves on a sinking boat
that no one will leave alive
Track Name: Animavore
empty us of soul and mind
determination left behind
the man on the screen turns water to wine
keep your head down and step in line

empty us of a voiceful life
seized up and wedged in nine to five
empty us of dreams and ambitions
why make plans of our own volition

in the end I guess we’ll obey
a paradigm to betray

I think, therefore I follow
choke on the lies you swallow

this is the art of forgery
aestheticize the deceit
if you’re blind to the facts
admit defeat to their fantasy
rejoice and repeat
I think, therefore I follow

empty us of identity
graduate in apathy
it’s too late to reverse once it’s all brought into shape
keep your head down and plan your way to escape
Track Name: My Little Dystopia
wake up from this silent dream
lay down your self-esteem
united in ignorance, we fight our deliverance

black or white, what did you learn to see
can your mind deny reality

fuck your dignity, it’s beyond remedy
under the spreading chestnut tree
I sold you and you sold me

we have passed the year
warnings given never so clear
we all are the gears
moving this machine of faith and fear

this desolation
swept away all hopes and dreams across the nation

black or white, what did you learn to see
can your mind deny reality
four or five, can you just answer me
naivety is on it’s killing spree
wake up

our land of harmony and hope
powering your subconscious mind
the builders of our world, fighting, bleeding, dying

you know a lie is truth, as long as no one questions
you know a lie is truth until you recognize it as a lie
Track Name: Another Side To The Story
you have one minute, tell me what happened here
you have one moment to make this situation clear
cut back to the beginning, what have you done
blood splatter on the ceiling, glass shards across the floor

my eyes were closed just for a minute or two
I had my eyes closed, but don’t you turn this on me
you’re liable for this catastrophe

your words determine your fate
your words will be your epitaph

you have one minute, convince me
that this is not what it looks like to me
you have one moment, assure me
that there’s another side to the story

speak your truth
Track Name: One Blind Eye
stuck-up you say your nation can feed itself
bury the branches and isolate yourself
mister averse to economic entanglements
reap what you sow with your line of demarcation

you say this world will always stay the same
you say your world will always stay the same

this line will kill you day by day, resources held at bay
just turn one blind eye, erode your own supply

time to take your side
a life entwined or still persisting on divide
isolation is not the answer